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ICX Kenya is now accepting entries for the Service Excellence Awards 2023. The Institute of Customer Experience {ICX} Kenya Service Excellence Awards, established in 2014, recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements in the customer experience sphere.

The ICX Service Excellence Awards are open to both member and non-member corporates, across the private and public sector in Kenya. The ICX SE Awards reflect the level of competitive services offered in the Kenya customer experience industry.

By submitting entries to the competition, you assent that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions.


The Service Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate the success of corporates that provide exemplary customer service. The Service Excellence Awards:

1. Bring to focus the importance of excellent customer service as a strategic tool for business success.
2. Serve to raise the profile of customer service practice and professionalism nationwide by providing a platform to showcase Customer Service Excellence.
3. Provide an opportunity for corporate and individuals to benchmark themselves and to learn best practice from service excellence leaders.


23rd August 2023 - Awards Entry Launch
15th September 2023 - Award Entry Submission Deadline
18th – 29th September 2023 - Judges Awards Review
2nd - 18th October 2023 - Compilation and verification of awards
11th October 2023 - CS Week Innovation Award Submission
12th-17th October 2023 - CS Week Innovation Judging
27th October 2023 - ICX Service Excellence Awards Ceremony


All award entries must be submitted to ICX through its online portal. Entries must be for customer service activities conducted by an entrant based in Kenya. An entrant may submit entries in single or multiple categories.


The following are the awards categories for the 2023 ICX Service Excellence Awards:

Best CX Strategy

Best CX Strategy

A Customer Experience Strategy is a detailed, documented and approved plan of action capturing the long and short term goals associated with Customer Experience.

This category will involve a review of the organization’s customer experience strategy and should capture clear objectives, targets and a monitoring and evaluation guide.

Measurement Indicators

The judges will look out for demonstration of the following:

  1. An approved and documented CX Strategy and a linked integration with the overall corporate strategy.
  2. A well-documented, actively implemented Service Charter and outlined Customer promise.
  3. A strategic action plan for external customer inclusion and engagement to boost customer satisfaction and retention.
  4. A well-documented and implemented internal customer engagement strategy with a monitoring and reporting framework.
  5. A well-documented service failure risk matrix, service recovery strategy with a corrective and preventive action plan.
  6. A CX Monitoring and Evaluation Kit/ CX Audit Kit/ CX Measurement and/or Assessment toolkit in place.
Best Communication Strategy

Best Customer Communication Strategy

Even with the best product or service offering, an organization that does not effectively communicate with its customers is bound to lose. This category will review an organization’s communication with their customers and feedback management across the various communication channels.

Measurement Indicators

The judges will look out for demonstration of the following:

  1. A well-documented, outlined and actively implemented customer communication strategy, including objectives and strategies.
  2. A well-researched customer communication content development and implementation plan with effective messaging
  3. A measurement index of the effectiveness of customer communication channels.
  4. A measurement index of the effectiveness of communication customer feedback channels.
  5. A well-documented process for customer-centric communication.


Best Internal CX


Internal Customer- the employees of the organization, impact the quality of product or service the external customer receives. This Category calls on organizations to strategically design in-depth comprehensive initiatives and strategies that create a conducive, exciting and engaging employee experience that yields internal customer satisfaction, retention and recognition.

Measurement Indicators

The judges will look out for demonstration of the following:


  1. An actively implemented internal CX excellence strategy and implementation action plan
  2. A listing of well documented and implemented internal service charters & SLA’s
  3. A training needs analysis and active ongoing CX Capacity building plan for frontline and non-frontline staff
  4. An Internal Customer satisfaction measurement, reporting and corrective action plan methodology.
  5. Demonstration of organizational culture definition and proof of cascade to the internal team.
Best Use of Technology

Best Use of Technology

Technology can be a powerful accelerator of Customer Experience Excellence and this category will measure how organizations are using technology to effectively and actively enhance customer experience and satisfaction. It will also include a review of any self-care platforms, user experience and average system downtime.

Measurement Indicators

The judges will look out for demonstration of the following:

  1. An active customer digital self-care platform with ease of user experience
  2. A register of recorded user experience target turnaround time measurements in built into technology
  3. A monitoring and analysis report on turnaround time success rate – for internal operated tasks and external customer Impact
  4. A scheduled report on system availability, downtime rate and customer alerts/communication
  5. A report demonstrating performance metrics for internal user ICT Support.


CS Week Innovation Award


This category will specifically review activities related to Customer Experience Week held and celebrated internationally every first week of October.

Participating organizations with the most creative, impactful and transformational customer engagement initiative will be recognized and celebrated.

Measurement Indicators

The judges will look out for demonstration of the following:

  1. Alignment to the 2023 CS Week Theme
  2. Demonstration of CX creativity and innovation
  3. Exhibition of sustainable customer engagements
  4. Establishment of impactful and value adding outcomes
  5. Achievement of holistic internal customer engagement.


All the competitive entries will be evaluated based on submission of the following areas.


All awards entries and supporting documents must be uploaded onto the ICX Awards Online Platform available on the ICX Website.

The entries file size must not exceed 50MB. Entrants will be required to fill the form available on the website for each category.

They will also be required to attach award supporting documents (this could be documents, videos, audios, photos or any other materials) which should be converted into a zip file and uploaded onto the platform.

Should you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact ICX via email (tellmemore@icxkenya.co.ke).

All confidential information included for the benefit of the judges should be CLEARLY IDENTIFIED as such and will not be disclosed.

All entrants are called to the below additional information:

  • All submissions become the property of ICX and will be used for publicity or education purposes.
  • Entries may be used for editorial in the ICX newsletter, publications or case studies. Entries cannot be returned.
  • The judges may move an entry to another category if they deem it appropriate.
  • The Judges’ decision shall be final and there will be no appeal. By entering this Award, the nominee has accepted the rules and conditions of the Award without any reservations.
  • Organizations or individuals may enter any number of categories as they see fit.


    The 2023 ICX Excellence Awards will be presented on Friday 27th October 2023 from 1900hrs – 2100hrs in Nairobi, Kenya.

    The judges’ verdict in each category will be revealed at the Gala event. Only the WINNING entries will receive a custom designed ICX trophy and certificate. Winners may later request for duplicate trophies at a fee. A certificate of participation will be handed to organizations who do not emerge as winners.



    This year’s entries will not be charged. Entrants are encouraged to attend the SE Awards Gala Dinner on the 27th of October 2023. The charges for the dinner will be as follows:

    ICX Members Individual TicketKshs. 10,000
    Non Members Individual TicketKshs. 12,000
    Corporate Table of Eight – ICX MembersKshs. 75,000
    Corporate Table of Eight – Non MembersKshs. 91,000


    Please send entry or enquiries to:

    Institute of Customer Experience Kenya, BTL Centre, Masaba Road, P.O. Box 43098 00100 Nairobi

    Email: tellmemore@icxkenya.co.ke / communication@icxkenya.co.ke

    Tel: 0754 854 565

    Please note: The Judge’s decision shall be final and there will be no appeal. By accepting to enter this Award, the nominee has accepted the rules and conditions of the Award without any reservations.

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