I was running late for the study tour at KCB which was meant to start at 9.00 am. On my way I bumped into Riham Taib – Customer Rewards and Loyalty Manager at CBA bank. We had a small chitchat as we were shown to the venue by the security guards at KCB Bank. Service surely does start from the door as the guards meticulously did their security checks and gave us our tags, granting us entry into the Magnificent KCB.

On arrival at the venue on 4th Floor, we are warmly welcomed by Diana Othieno, Retail Service Experience Manager. The training room was full of Customer Experience Champs from different institutions. They were all smiles and warm as is custom of Customer Experience persons. Talk ensued as we caught up with the happenings in the industry over some tea and snacks.

The session kicked off with an introduction from Ms. Benta- Board representative at ICX. Her job was really to reiterate the importance of Customer
Experience as a whole and gear members and non-ICX members up for the upcoming ICX conference.

The Entire KCB Customer Experience team went ahead to introduce themselves. Very pleasant people I must say. The main session was conducted
by Diana Othieno and Oliver Sang- Channel Experience Manager. Now Oliver was all kind of interesting. But the main talk and discussion was around social media management.

Some take outs from my end:
Training is Key : Keep up skiling your staff on new products and new happenings within the institution/company.
Give your audience Dopamine : Feel good reasons as to why they should stick with you.

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