ICX Kenya organizes study tours for members to visit, learn and benchmark best practice from staff in organizations that are implementing best practices in service excellence.

This year members had the opportunity to do several study tours with one of them hosted by Kenya Commercial Bank while another one was hosted by The Standard Chartered Bank, Kenya.

At the Standard Chartered, members were able to bench mark on Contact Center Management, with great insights and exchange of ideas, such as embracing a Contact Centre is at the forefront of customer service, making and shaping experiences.

At KCB, the topic of discussion was – Leveraging on the Power of Social Media for Business Growth. One of ICX Members – Angelica Mbandu, Customer Experience at Consolidated Bank, shared with us some take outs from the tour.

These are:-
Training is Key: Keep up skilling your staff on new products and new happenings within the institution/company.
Give your audience Dopamine: Feel good reasons as to why they should stick with you.
Have Brand ambassadors: Convert your followers on social media to your ambassadors. They will be your evangelists to the world.
Customers buy people first: Customers hardly buy products on social media pages, especially when they are pushed down their throats (All the posts being about products). Customers buy the service received, solutions offered, then they eventually but into your products.
Boost! Boost! Boost!: Importance of boosting your posts/ media advertising.
Have Fun: Engaging the customer is important to keep them interested in your social media pages.
Be Dynamic: Think broadly and widely.

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