“Employees are the heartbeat of any organization. Prioritize their experience, and you’ll create a workplace where talent not only stays but flourishes.” ~ Unknown

What the Theme Means

The vitality of every organization relies on the energy of its employees. Leaders must cultivate a workplace culture that not only draws in and keeps individuals but also motivates and empowers talent to perform at their peak, ultimately achieving excellent outcomes. #EmployeeExperience encompasses the physical, cultural, psychological/emotional and technological environment in which employees work and how these factors impact their engagement, productivity, and overall well-being.

Why the Theme

In response to valuable feedback obtained through listening sessions with our members, we
identified the significant concern of Employee Experience. Upon deeper exploration to comprehend work cultures and reinforce positive work environments for organizational success, we found that the demand for this topic was substantial. Recognizing its timeliness, the Institute has taken the initiative to delve into and embrace this crucial conversation.

The 2023 East Africa Workplace Assessment Survey conducted by Connect X aimed to gain a
deeper insight into the present employee experience and the aspirations of the East African workforce. With 502 employees participating from various regions in East Africa, the survey revealed significant findings:

  • Employees, across different segments, generally express confidence in the organization’s
    direction. They prioritize the continuation of values such as accountability, teamwork,
    employee engagement, brand image, and customer satisfaction within their workplace.
  • A notable discovery was that most employees find their own values reflected in the current
    workplace culture. This suggests that they actively contribute to shaping the culture rather
    than being passive recipients of a culture imposed by others. This presents an opportunity to
    leverage employee input for any necessary cultural adjustments.


The Way Forward

The theme for 2024, #ElevatingEXforCXSuccess, aims to guide both companies and individuals
in targeting specific areas of focus. These action items are geared toward strengthening the
employer-employee relationship, ultimately resulting in enhanced customer experiences and greater
organizational success.

  1. Encourage Open Communication & Appropriate Conflict Resolution Systems: Establish transparent channels for feedback and dialogue.
  2. Conduct Recognition Programs: Implement systems to acknowledge and appreciate
    employee contributions.
  3. Employee Development: Provide opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth.
  4. Work-Life Balance: Support flexible schedules and wellness initiatives for a healthy balance.
  5. Have Clear Expectations: Communicate roles, responsibilities, and goals clearly.
  6. Empowerment: Grant autonomy to employees, fostering a sense of ownership.
  7. Supportive Leadership: Cultivate approachable, empathetic, and supportive leadership.
  8. Champion for Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing: Foster a supportive workplace culture that empowers individuals, enhances resilience, and promotes holistic flourishing.
  9. Promote Diversity and Inclusion: Cultivate an environment where every voice is valued, there is enriching creativity, innovation, and collective success.
  10. Have Fun at Work: Embrace a culture of joy and creativity at work, where having fun becomes a catalyst for increased productivity, engagement, and a positive work environment.

For CX Departments, you can adapt the theme in the following ways:

  1. Conduct an EX Audit: How is your organization ranking? What are the gaps? How is EX linking to CX?
  2. Measure EX Success: Conduct an employee NPS and link it to the customer NPS. Measure these metrics regularly.
  3. Map the Employee Journey: Carry out the employee journey and integrate it to the customer journey map.
  4. Integrate EX and CX KPIs: Adopt single view dashboards for EX and CX performance.
  5. HR Department Collaboration: Work closely with the HR department to ensure EX success.
  6. Build a Customer-Centric Culture: Unify Departments for Exceptional CX: Foster an inclusive organizational culture and promote seamless interdepartmental collaboration.
  7. Conduct Recognition Programs: Implement a regular staff recognition program to boost morale and enhance motivation.
To Note for All Members

This year ICX will implement and work with the global customer service (CS) week theme at a local
level – this comes in as a result of incorporating feedback from our members. While ICX will support and promote the global theme during CS week, the local theme #ElevatingEXforCXSuccess will guide the Institute’s annual activities, including the Conference and the strategic planning of your organizations.

Members may also incorporate #ElevatingEXforCXSuccess as a sub theme or additional theme during CS Week.


ICX-Kenya is excited to unveil the 2024 theme: “Elevating Employee Experience for Customer Experience Success.” We encourage you to reconsider, envision, and innovate CX initiatives with a focus on the internal customer.

ICX Kenya is now calling organizations to initiate activities around #ElevatingEXforCXSuccess.
Investing in creating an environment that prioritizes employee well-being, engagement, growth, and satisfaction contributes significantly to delivering exceptional service and fostering customer loyalty. The two are intricately linked, forming the foundation for a successful and customer-centric organization.

We also invite the ICX Community to participate by sharing online stories showcasing the influence
of Employee Experience on Customer Experience using the hashtag:


By fostering a positive EX, organizations can cultivate a customer-centric approach, leading to improved CX, increased customer loyalty, and sustained business success.” – Unknown