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The Future of Customer Service is about Experiences

Every organization today seeks to gather as much information about a customer as possible. By walking into an organization or just making a phone call, you hardly realize just how much personal information you have left behind. While everyone loves to talk about the...

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You Can Make a Difference

Imagine a client walking into a passport processing office to apply for renewal of her passport. The process starts online and she has all the requisite documents. A big sign at the entrance shows that it takes 5 working days for a passport renewal to be ready which...

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Great Customer Experience equals to Customer’s Delight

So the other day I walked nervously into a shop in what is known as “downtown” Nairobi looking for a better bargain or so I was made to believe by my friend who seemed to be known very well. The shop in question deals in clothing materials. At the entrance an askari...

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