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Great Customer Experience equals to Customer’s Delight

So the other day I walked nervously into a shop in what is known as “downtown” Nairobi looking for a better bargain or so I was made to believe by my friend who seemed to be known very well. The shop in question deals in clothing materials. At the entrance an askari...

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Centennials Redefining Customer Experience

Generally speaking, I wear the millennial badge proudly because that is the generation that I belong to. Millenials are born roughly between 1980 and 1995. Recently while at work, I asked a customer for their ID number and on their responding, I mentally compared that...

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Creating Competitive Advantage through Customer Experience

Why do you buy vegetables or meat from the same vendor over and over again, to the extent that you have their telephone contacts on speed dial? What happens when the vendor for some reason has closed their kibanda or shop? In such a case, there is a great likelihood...

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Customer Service versus Customer Experience

Imagine that you as a dear customer, have visited a shoe shop to buy a new pair of shoes that you have been saving up for. Although you have a rough idea of the shoe you want to buy, there are other varieties of shoes in design and color in the store that have...

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