About ICX Kenya

ICS Kenya is a professional body for Customer Service in Kenya comprising both corporate and individual members with an interest in their professional development, delivering customer service best practice and helping to engender a culture of service excellence in both their professional and personal lives. ICS Kenya seeks to be the authoritative voice of Customer Service and a benchmark for individuals and organizations that wish to deliver world class customer experiences.

ICS Kenya’s objectives are anchored on four key pillars:
Thought Leadership
• Membership Development
• Advocacy
• Recognition and Awards

ICS Kenya’s initial objectives are to:
• Provide a forum through which Customer Service professionalism is recognized and promoted.
• Provide networking and learning and development opportunities through which ideas to promote and improve quality of service are exchanged.
• Recognize, promote and celebrate the success of organizations and individuals who achieve customer service excellence.

ICS Kenya has the vision to raise the passive profile of effective Customer Service through the following interventions:

• Development of bench marking services, including the development and annual tracking of Kenya’s Customer Satisfaction Index.
• Provide accreditation services to both corporate bodies and individuals.
• Influence government policy, decision makers and opinion leaders through the development and promotion of authoritative knowledge and research.
• Offer a range of services, including training, which will benefit business performance and customers’ experiences.